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Get benefits of FREE Truecaller premium account. Use powerful features of the Truecaller app.


There is hardly any smartphone user who does not use Truecaller regularly. Whenever someone calls you on your number, and you have Truecaller installed, you will see the name of the person as well as the region from which he is calling.

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Various Other Benefits Of Truecaller:

Truecaller can be used as a calling app with recording facility. You can record any call manually and record all automatically. All the recordings are saved in Google Drive. You can also take backup of your contact and call list which will come handy if your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen. You can also scan a number and get the identification of the owner of the number.

Moreover, there are different colored dots available against each number in the call list to signify whether the number is available for a call or busy. There is also a system to send a ‘call me back’ request. However, most of these benefits are restricted in the free version. That is exactly why you need to get the Truecaller free premium version.

Truecaller Gold:

Truecaller Gold having many facilities with the yearly package of Rs.5000/ year. No ads will appear on the screen after taking the premium package. A golden type of view creates your account premium. High priority customer support will help you to take advantage of all things, what you want to know.


Difference Between Truecaller Premium and Free Version:

No Ads – If you are using the free version, you must have been irritated by the ads that come up every now and then. You can get rid of the ads in the premium version.

Call Recording – There is no feature of recording calls in the free version which is an exclusive feature for the premium version. Having call recording feature of your calling app is absolutely essential and comes very handy in emergency situations.

Profile Viewers – In the free version, you will never know when someone checks your number out. In the premium version, you will get an alert whenever someone checks your number, and you get the details of his/her profile so that you can understand who the person is.

Incognito Mode – In the premium version, you can view profiles of others without them knowing about it.

Contact Requests – You can search up a person by his/her name and send them request to reveal their contact number so that you can communicate. This feature is extremely popular among youths.

Besides, you will get a premium badge next to your profile picture which will create a good impression whoever views your profile. Therefore, without further ado, get truecaller free premium version for a week from

Gold Premium Version And Its Features:

There is a gold premium version of Truecaller available with exclusive features.

New Theme – Gold Premium version offers its users a brand-new gold themed interface which looks stunning to say the least.

Gold Caller ID Interface – The highlighting feature of this version is the gold caller ID interface which will appear in the receiver’s phone when you call. This will include your credibility and value immensely.

Gold After Call Screen – In case the receiver does not receive your call, the after call screen will appear in gold caller ID interface and thereby, keeping your value intact in the eyes of the receiver.

Besides, all the features of the premium versions are available and you will get the highest priority from the customer support team.

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