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Zomato gift card offers 2024 - Flat 14% discount

Looking for the perfect gift for food lovers or an opportunity to save on dining expenses? Look no further, as Zomato is offering a flat 9% + upto 5% savings on their gift cards purchase using various channels. Discover the best Zomato gift card offers and benefits of it over direct card or cash payments, how to avail the discount, and how to redeem these for restaurant bookings.

What are the benefits of using Zomato gift cards and offers?


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Get upto Rs.1000 Discount on Zomato Gift Card + Rewards
Get flat 3% instant discount on buying GV and get additional rewards on using credit card or wallet rewards. You will get GV credit instantly. Maximum cashback Rs.1000
Expires on 30-Apr-24


Extra discounts on restaurant bookings

Zomato gift cards comes at a discounted price so while doing restaurant bookings, enabling users to enjoy a wide range of dining options at a reduced price. Moreover, make payments while dining out at resto hassle-free and efficient as you dont have to worry about bank server issues or otp issues.


Stackable offers with other promo codes or Gold benefits

Another advantage is that they can be stacked with other promo codes and gold membership benefits. This allows users to save even more on their dining expenses and enjoy a super saving.

Convenient gifting solution for food lovers

For every special occasion like Anniversary, Birthday, New Years Day, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Friendship Day or any other special event, this can be the best gift for your select loved ones. They can be instantly sent via email, sms or any other way you wish to. Your friends won’t be disappointed with from this great service provider. They can activate it instantly and start using for delivery or dining.

zomato gift card offers

How can I avail the upto 14% savings?

Zomato Amazon Gift card offer:

To enjoy the upto  14% cashback on Zomato egv, simply choose from the wide range of e-vouchers available on the Amazon gc page here, enter the recipient’s details or self email, and proceed to checkout.

As per the current offer you will get 9% cashback: Click Here

Use additional card offers to avail upto 5% savings which comes to total around 14%.


Using voucher codes / GOLD Membership for additional cashback

Apart from the base scheme, can apply promo codes also gives additional cashback. Make sure to apply the relevant code during checkout to attain additional savings on your purchase. Or pick loyalty program Gold membership listed restaurants to avail upto 30% extra off.


Gyftr offer: 7% discount on GV

Gyftr occasionally provides attractive benefits on egv, making it an excellent platform to buy these discounted vouchers. Stay updated with the latest deals to enjoy maximum benefits.

The current deal is 7% off on purchases, can use Credit cards with higher rewards to avail extra benefits. Click Here


How to redeem for restaurant bookings?

Redeeming gift cards through the Zomato mobile app

It can also be redeemed through the mobile app. Through the app, users can easily browse and book restaurants, apply the code during checkout, and enjoy the convenience of dining out with extra benefits.

Open Zomato app > Tap Money tab > Claim a GC > enter the code and pin > Tap Claim.

zomato wallet balance

Once redeemed, it can’t be transferred or returned.

Once money is added to your wallet, use them anytime you want.

Please note this can be used only for payments, this is not any zomato gold e-gift card. You cant use this balance for renewing membership.

You can also make partial payments as wallet and rest as any prepaid method if your wallet balance is not sufficient.


Entering the egv during checkout

You can’t use them instantly during payment, you have to add them to wallet before payment processing as per shared on the previous step. Be it for online order or dining you have to do it before adding food to cart or reviewing bill at restaurant.

Maximizing savings using Zomato Gold and GC

By utilizing the combination of Zomato Gold and gift cards, users can maximize their savings while dining out at hotel/resto. Both of these offers provide various exclusive benefits that enhance the overall dining experience.


What if I face any issue while using my Zomato gift card?

Contacting customer support for assistance

If you encounter any issues while using a Zomato code, reach out to the customer support team for prompt assistance. They can help resolve any concerns and guide you through the process of redeeming your gc. Usually it doesn’t happen as its computerized and safe. Amazon and GC sellers do actively response to all issues.

Common issues with gift card redemption

Some common issues with redemption include expired or invalid codes, so its wise to redeem them as soon you purchase as the validity is long enough to use later. If you face any of these problems, it’s best to seek assistance from Zomato’s customer support team.

Never share those details to anyone else until you claim them successfully.

FAQs & Terms

In addition to contacting care / support for help, you can also check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the Zomato app. This section shows useful information about common issues and may help resolve any concerns related to gift card usage and redemption. Do check all the terms and conditions before buying.

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