Flipkart Cooling Days Sale

Flipkart Cooling Days Sale: Unlock the Best Summer Deals

Unlock the Best Summer Deals with Flipkart Cooling Days Sale:

As the temperature rises and the summer heat becomes increasingly unbearable, Flipkart’s Cooling Days Sale emerges as a much-awaited summer sale event for those looking to beat the heat. This sale offers a wide range of deals on cooling appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, air coolers, fans, and various accessories and add-ons. Let’s check out what you can expect from this sale and highlight some of the top online deals available during this flipkart sale.

Additionally you can exchange your old appliances and get good value + use bank offers the maximum saving.

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Flipkart Cooling Days Sale



The best of Flipkart Cooling Days Sale:

The Hottest Deals on Air Conditioners:

Top AC Deals

During the Sale, customers can find significant discounts on a wide range of air conditioners. Brands like MarQ by Flipkart, Blue Star, Voltas, Samsung, and Lloyd are offering split air conditioners starting from Rs. 16,999. With options ranging from 1.5 ton split ACs to larger capacities, there’s something to suit every room size and budget.


Exclusive Refrigerator Offers You Can’t Miss:

Top Fridge Deals


Bank Offers and No Cost EMI

To make these deals even more attractive and affordable, Flipkart offers bank offers and No Cost EMI options, allowing customers to purchase their desired cooling appliances without feeling the financial strain all at once. Mostly you will find offers on multiple bank Credit cards (HDFC Bank, SBI Card, Kotak Bank, ICICI Bank, AU bank etc) with instant discount of 10%.

If no offers there, you can use Flipkart Axis or SBI Cashback card for use at anytime.


Top Air Conditioner Deals During Flipkart Cooling Days

Choosing the Best Inverter Air Conditioners

Inverter air conditioners are known for their energy efficiency and good temperature control. The Sale features models like the Voltas 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC, which is popular among consumers.


How to Find Air Conditioners with the Best Energy Ratings

Energy ratings are crucial when selecting an air conditioner. Higher star ratings indicate more energy-efficient models, which can help you in long-term power savings. Filter with star ratings ranging from two to five, catering to various energy efficiency needs. Higher is better.


Refrigerators on Sale: What are the Best Deals?

Refrigerator Buying Guide for Flipkart Cooling Days 2024

When shopping for a refrigerator during the sale, consider the size, energy rating, and features such as anti-dust filters and turbo cooling and customer reviews. The Voltas 183V Vectra Prism, for example, is a three-star rated model with high ambient cooling and instant cooling features. It has 4.2 star customer rating out of 5 (from 20000+ reviews) which is massive.


Finding Refrigerators with the Best Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are key when selecting a refrigerator. Flipkart offers a range of refrigerators with different storage capacities and designs to maximize space and convenience. You can find up to 500 L capacity.


Beat the Heat with Affordable Air Coolers and Fans

Comparing Air Coolers vs Fans: What’s Best for Your Home?

Air coolers are ideal for dry climates and larger spaces, while fans are suitable for smaller rooms and more humid conditions. The sale includes various types of air coolers, including desert, personal, tower, and window options.


Top Picks for Energy-Efficient Air Coolers

Energy-efficient air coolers are available from brands like Hindware, Symphony, Orient, Crompton, and Voltas, with capacities ranging from less than 10L to 60L and above.


Top Cooler Deals


Benefits of Investing in BLDC Fans

BLDC fans are best energy efficient and operate very quietly. Investing in these fans during the Sale can lead to significant savings on energy bills. We recommend Atomberg fans for peace of mind and good service.

Another advantage is if you use inverter, it consumes low power and dont make any noise like traditional fans and runs for longer time. Also most fans comes with a remote control and some with Alexa and IR control options.

Top BLDC Fan offers: Shop Here


Must-Have Accessories for Your Cooling Appliances

Accessories such as stabilizers, cleaning kits, and smart plugs can enhance the performance and longevity of your cooling appliances. Look out for these add-ons when purchasing appliance, which is offered at lower price as combo.


How to Maintain Your Cooling Appliances for Longevity

Maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your cooling appliances. Avail cleaning, repairing services from official partner Jeeves at affordable prices. Although you must check local prices before booking online to compare which one is cheaper for you on providing service.

With a wide range of products, competitive prices, and additional bank offers and EMI options, this sale is not to be missed. Lastly if you want to buy air conditioner, refrigerator, air cooler, fan, or essential accessories, this sale is the best time to get top offers and lowest prices.

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