Airtel FREE Caller tune

Airtel FREE Caller tune 2024 using SMS, Wynk app

Airtel offers Airtel FREE Caller tune 2024 using Wynk Music app and SMS. Subscribe any Hello tune for FREE. Now you can change your caller tune several times with no extra charges.

Airtel FREE Caller tune

Hello Guys, Airtel offering now the Airtel FREE Caller tune 2024 by the most known app Wynk music and sms service. Now Airtel user can enjoy free hello tune offer for their smartphone by Wink music app. Wynk is a very popular streaming app. Previously Reliance had given the FREE caller tune with Saavn. To give a counter to Reliance Jio, Airtel launched the FREE hello tune service with Wynk music app. So Guys do not wait, grab this offer. Also, you can use Reliance Jio Free hello tune offer here.

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How to set Airtel FREE Caller tune?

Now You can avail the Free hello tune offer using Wynk app on Airtel smartphone-like Reliance Jio. Also, you can change it is many times with no extra cost. Here are the steps below, how to activate Airtel Unlimited FREE Hello tune using Wynk Music app.


Step 1:

Download Wynk Music app from Google play store.

Step 2:

Install the app and connect via Airtel internet.

Step 3:

Login automatically, now click on the Hello tune page showing on the app.

Step 4:

Choose your favorite song, Listen to preview, and Activate your Caller tune.

Step 5:

On next page click on continue button and done.

Step 6:

Now, you will get a FREE Hello tune for 1 month. After 1 month renew this, by following the same steps.

Steps 7:

Enjoy service with no additional charges.

By following these steps you can change many times for FREE.

Bonus TIP: After setting song tap on remove preview ad to stop the Download Wynk music preview advertise on your tune. Renew it every 30 days before it expires.

All top songs like “Jai Shree Ram”, “Har har sambhu”, Latest movies songs, albums are currently available. If anything is not available, you can tap the request button.


Activate using Toll-Free Number:

  • Call to this number (5787809) from Airtel prepaid mobile number.
  • Select your language and click 1 button on your phone to select the song as your choice.
  • A sound will come “Your Caller tune will be activated for 999 Days at Rs.0“.
  • Press 5 for confirmation.

A message will appear on your mobile phone as Your Airtel FREE Caller tune will be activated soon.


To Deactivate or STOP Airtel Caller tune:

Send SMS “STOP” to 155223, to stop the service in advance.

You can also stop using the Wynk app by going to the caller tune section and clicking stop. Deactivation will be done instantly.


About the offer:

Years before Reliance had launched FREE hello tune offer in market and it was very popular. Reliance tied up with Jio Saavn (Now it’s JioSaavn). Airtel comes forward to the telecom market to launch its FREE Caller tune to its customer with Wynk Music app with unlimited tunes. Activation of this process is very easy. Offer is valid for all Airtel users and it costs Rs.0 for 999 days. Choose Caller tune from 1 million songs of 15 languages.

Yes, this service is completely free of charge. However, data charges may apply while using the Wynk Music app to select your caller tune. Doesn’t impact much if you have any active data pack, or else prefer using wifi from some friend.

User can change or renew the song anytime from the listed songs. You can also stop this offer by sending a message from your mobile.

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