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How To Set Caller Tune in Jio for FREE: 4 Ways to Activate

Caller Tune now became trending in youth. And if you will get it for FREE, then it will be a great offer for users. Jio offers the caller tune-in FREE. Without paying any premium or fee you can activate this. Check here How To Set Caller Tune in Jio.

Reliance Jio offers FREE caller tune as JioTunes with 4 lacs songs. You can set from all these songs such as Bollywood, International, Instrumental, Regional, Devotional and much more. Set your caller tune as per your mood and change also as your mood. Here one question arises on mind is that How To Set Caller Tune in Jio ? The company is giving many ways to set caller tune in your smartphone. There are 4 different way to set caller tune.

  • MyJio App
  • Jio Saavn
  • Through Message
  • By pressing (*) button to copy caller tune from other smartphone

Using MyJio app Set Caller Tune:

How To Set Caller Tune in Jio

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First download MyJio app from the playstore or Apple store if not available in your smartphone otherwise its OK.

  • Open MyJio app and select your favourite Jio Tune option.
  • Select from the list of songs available of Regional, Bollywood, Instrumental, International or much more.
  • Listen the song for preview and Set your caller tune.

Using JioSaavn app To Set Caller Tune in Jio:

  • First Download JioSaavn app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • After downloading the app a list of songs displayed on the phone screen.
  • Select a song from the full list of songs.
  • A three dot mark is there, click on this button.
  • Listen and Preview the song to set as Jio Caller tunes.
  • Finally, tap as set Jiotune from the selected songs.
  • After everything is final, Jio Telco will send the confirmation message to your registered mobile number.
  • You dont need pro membership for this, free membership also works for all.

By pressing (*) button To Set Caller Tune in Jio (Copy Method):

You can also copy from another’s number by pressing * button.

  • Call the number you just want to copy the Caller tune.
  • It will say if you want copy the caller tune just press * button.
  • Press the star (*) button.
  • The company will send you a confirmation to message. Just reply “Y” within 30 minutes on this same platform.

The choosen callertune will be activated on your smartphone very soon.

How To Set Caller Tune By Giving SMS:

Send the first three words of the Movie/ Album/ Song of your choice to 56789 (Toll Free Number).


MOVIE Name send it to 56789

ALBUM Name send it to 56789

Song Name send it to 56789

Another method is send Just “JT” to “56789”.

After you will send the SMS Jio will revert back a message to you. Choose from the list and send “Y” to activate the Jio Caller Tune on this same platform.


Popular songs to set in India:

jio tunes free

Find more Hindi Top songs list here: Click Here


Har Har Sambhu:

Search “Har Har Sambhu remix” on MyJio app > Music or JioSaavn directly.

Select this song as shown bellow:

har har sambhu jio caller tune

Now tap the tune button and set it.

If you need help with any other songs, let us know in comments. We will help via email or reply.

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