zomato veg only mode

Zomato Veg Only Mode: How to activate for Food Orders

Zomato Veg Only Mode – A New Feature for Your Food Orders

Zomato, one of the India’s leading food delivery network, is all set to introduce a new feature that promises to make ordering vegetarian food more convenient than ever. The “Veg Only Mode” is a thoughtful addition to the app, designed to cater to the dietary preferences of vegetarian customers. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative feature that’s about to go live.

zomato veg only mode

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Introduction to Veg Only Mode

Zomato has always been at the forefront of innovation in the food delivery space be it Gold membership or Dining offers, and the introduction of “Veg Only Mode” is a another great addition to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

This feature allows users to filter and browse through vegetarian-only restaurant options, ensuring a hassle-free ordering experience for those who follow a vegetarian diet. Now no more worry if any non-veg food mistakenly gets in contact or any smell passes by.



How to activate?

Activating “Veg Only Mode” is a easy. With a simple toggle in the Zomato app, customers can switch to a vegetarian view, where they’ll only see restaurants that offer vegetarian food. Then it becomes easy to find vegetarian options, saving time and making the ordering process much more efficient.

veg or non veg select

This is a significant step towards inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse dietary needs and preferences of its customer base. By providing a dedicated vegetarian filter, Zomato ensures that vegetarian users feel valued and understood.

Also during Puja and festival  this option will surely go on demand as people prefer that.

Zomato has carefully selected restaurants that meet specific criteria to be part of this change. These establishments are to ensure they follow the basic standards and guidelines, providing peace of mind to customers who strictly follow a pure veg diet.


Name change:

The initial announcement of a “Pure Veg Fleet” met with mixed reactions, prompting Zomato to make changes. The company clarified that delivery partners would not be discriminated against based on dietary preferences, and there would be no separate fleet or impact on payouts. The feature is set to go live by next week and will be rolled out in phases across the country. Additionally, based on feedback, Zomato has decided to rename the feature from “pure veg mode” to “veg-only mode.”

This is great to see Zomato’s willingness to listen to customer feedback via twitter (CEO Deepinder Goyal posted regarding this and continuously following up) and make necessary changes to their plans and features.

zomato veg nonveg toggle

This is a clear indicator of Zomato’s dedication to serving its diverse customer base. With this feature, vegetarian customers can look forward to a more personalized and seamless food ordering experience. Before there was an option to see only veg foods of specific restaurant but now the new interface will be surely worth waiting for all.¬†

“Switch to Veg Only Mode on Zomato today and enjoy a seamless vegetarian ordering experience!”

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