usb flash drive

USB Flash Drive Buying: A Detailed guide for buyers

Looking for buying USB Flash Drives in bulk? Here are the things you should know before your order.

With the introduction of the first USB 2.0 flash drive in 2000, the way we store and share information has changed completely. Transferring your data to a portable and convenient-to-carry device truly changed the information age and made sharing information much easier, leading to a more informed general public.

usb flash drive

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Today the USB flash drive stands exponentially advanced from its forefather that was first introduced in 2002. With outrageous storage capacities (with some going as high as 2 terabytes) and still hold relevance in the fast-moving and constantly changing world of technology.



With so much popularity, this device makes for an amazing marketing tool and this article will give you some tips on what factors to look at when one buys USB flash drives in bulk. However, before getting into that, we’re going to first look at what are they and what purpose they serve.


Technical Details:

USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives are essentially storage devices that use flash memory and are used by individuals to store data and transfer data from one device to another. Using an integrated USB interface and can be connected to computers, laptops, televisions, and, through adapters, even tablets and smartphones using connectors. They’re also compatible with all operating systems including macOS, Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android.


Consisting simply of a single computer chip and no other detachable parts, these devices are rarely longer than the average index finger. This meant a lot less space would be consumed in comparison to predecessors of the USB in data storage, the CD and floppy disk. You also do not need a continuous electrical power supply in order to store data.


Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, the CD, these are much more durable and can withstand scratches and bumps, which a CD would never be able to bear. Understanding that not everyone has the gentle touch needed to protect data on CDs, the inventors of this product developed the design in such a way so as to withstand aggressive handling. So you don’t need to worry if you drop it a few times. Just don’t start throwing it around needlessly. 


Such drives also have an increased resistance to electromagnetic interference. However, this does not mean you put it right beside a high-grade industrial magnet without worry. You still need to be careful and keep it away from direct or close contact with magnets. 



Flash drives are very diverse in their usage. Originally these nifty devices were used simply to store and transfer data. However, nowadays it is used as a media source and is attached directly into TVs and stereo systems allowing users to “plug and play”. Their compact size and lightweight also make for a very convenient experience.

usb pen drive

Moreover, as mentioned above, these are extremely durable. If taken care of, they can last well over a decade with all the data on the drive being intact. One needs to keep their flash drive clean and away from electromagnetic sources as much as possible. The longer you keep your flash drive, the more care you’ll have to give.


In the early stages, there was criticism as to the limited storage capacity which would be in megabytes in those days. However, nowadays you can find these with storage capacities of up to 2 terabytes. You’re basically carrying around the storage capacity of a high-end desktop computer in the palm of your hand or at the end of your keychain.


Another criticism of this device was the lack of encryption. However, even this issue was addressed with the introduction of built-in data protection software. This was not an initiative on the part of the manufacturers, but rather a response to users from different fields of education, science, and technology. Even if you don’t have a pen drive with built-in data protection software, you can still install it by getting the software online.


Manufacturers did take an initiative when it comes to the external design of pen drives. Nowadays, you’ll find drives in all manners of shapes, sizes, and colours. You’ll even find according to your taste in music, movies, sports, and other elements of pop culture.


Bulk Buying:

While USBs make for a great marketing tool and promotional item, there are a number of factors to keep in mind when ordering bulk USB drives. First and foremost, there is the price factor. If you’re going to buy in bulk, then you should also be seeing reduced prices in comparison to those offered to the general public. If your vendor is selling USBs in bulk at the same per-unit price as in the consumer market, then move on to another vendor.


Furthermore, while it’s great that you can advertise your business well through distributing flash drives with your company logo on it, if there is a security breach, no one will like your business. Therefore, it’s important to buy from a reliable vendor so you don’t end up with a counterfeit or compromised product. If your clients lose their data because of a flash drive that you gifted them, they’ll consider taking their business elsewhere.


When discussing the design with your vendor, make sure you’re both on the same page and that every detail is covered down to the very last point. Having with your company logo in the wrong colours or your business name spelled wrong can be a very embarrassing situation and will harm your business more than anything.


Lastly, find a vendor that has a reputation for offering quality after-sales services and support. If you end up with a batch of faulty USBs, a reliable vendor will address the defect and replace the products without any cost to you.

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