Steganos Online Shield

Steganos Online Shield 1 Year VPN License for free

Now get Steganos Online Shield with 1 year VPN License with no cost . Hurry up and make your pc virus free.

Steganos Online Shield

Steganos Online Shield is known antivirus . Now you can safe your computer and laptop from virus make your personal data safe and virus free with no cost of spending from your pockets and get 1 year VPN Licence free .

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Key Features :  

  • Protects internet connection with 256-bit AES encryption .
  • Encrypt your entire data traffic with one click Prevents social tracking by Facebook und Twitter .
  • Blocks ads :Annoying banners will be blocked Automatically deletes cookies after surfing .
  • Whatever you want to do online, the software adjusts to you .
  • Stops the creation of your surf history profile by nosy social networks .
  • Make your browser more anonymous and surf undetected Premium license includes protection for Android smart phones or Tablets .

How to get this offer :

  • Enter email and click on request serial number to get a serial number and download link at email .
  • Now Download antivirus and use key to activate .

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