Roz Dhan app: Rs.25 on Sign-up + Refer and Earn upto Rs.40000

Roz Dhan basically is a video-sharing app like TikTok. Earn money by sharing video in these apps.

How To Earn Money From Roz Dhan?

You might have come across a number of apps with share and earn concept, and seldom, you will find them legitimate. However, Roz Dhan is a clear exception, and that is why the app has over 5 million downloads and over 4-star average rating. The app works on Share, Refer and Earn which means you have to refer your friends and share articles to your friends to earn money. You can withdraw money on your Paytm wallet. Roz Dhan is currently the most popular money earning app and also one of the fastest growing apps in the Indian Android world.

Key Features Of Roz Dhan –

Earning Real Money – There is the ultimate opportunity of earning unlimited money on Roz Dhan. You can check their Rank List where the users are ranked as per their earning. Some of the top rankers are earning over 40,000 to 50,000. You earn by signing up, inviting friends, sharing trending articles on various social media platforms. Not just that, checking-in the app daily will help you earn coins regularly.

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Inviting Friends – You can earn the most when you invite your friends. You earn for sharing the invite code, you earn more when they sign up with your invite code, and the earning gets more when those friends get active on the app. The best part is that you can invite friends from all social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and likewise.

All In One – Roz Dhan lets you access popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and even YouTube through it. Therefore, you do not need to install all those apps, and neither do you need to switch apps to access them. This is time-saving and memory-saving.


Trending Articles – Roz Dhan lists the viral and trending articles so that users can share them among friends. This will help them for earning coins for sharing as well as for friends reading them. There are niches of all types, and therefore, you have greater chances of earning by sharing in different groups present on different social media platforms. These articles can be of various languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and likewise.


Steps To Earn Money On Roz Dhan –

Before going to the steps, here are some of the interesting statistics.

– Over 20,000 people have earned money from Roz Dhan.

– Over 1000 people have earned 50,000 INR per month from Roz Dhan.

– Over 300 people have earned 2,00,000 INR per month from Roz Dhan.

– Over 80 people have earned 5,00,000 INR per month from Roz Dhan.

Step 1. Download the app Roz Dhan from Play Stores and Sign up to earn Rs.25.

Step 2. You can enter the invite code of your friend who invited you to join Roz Dhan to earn another Rs.25. Use code: 05USR7 (1st one is zero, else you can copy the code too)

Step 3. Invite your friends on your contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere possible. For every sign up of your friend through your invite code, you can earn 1250 coins.

Step 4. Share the articles you see on the home feed to your friends. There are literally unlimited trending and viral articles on every topic to share throughout the day. For every share, you get 20-25 coins, and for every read by your friends, you get 5 coins. This is where you can earn unlimited money.

Step 5. If you check-in daily, you will get 20 coins every day.

All the coins accumulated are converted into Rupees within 24 hours.

Conclusion –

Roz Dhan money earning app is absolutely legitimately and transparent. Various popular Tech YouTubers have made review videos on the app and shared earning and payment screenshots all of which makes the app scam-free.

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