Paytm Money

Paytm Money: The Mutual Funds with Zero Comm and Highest Return

The Best platform for Paytm, Paytm Money or Paytm Mutual Fund is going to launch in India very Soon. It has the best attractive features among all Mutual Investment plan company in India.

The new product of Paytm, Paytm Mutual Fund or Paytm Money will launch in India very soon. It has already done its beta testing in all over India. You can invest your money in Mutual fund using Paytm company application. This is only accepting registration, after launching you can invest Fund with a higher interest value in this scheme. According to Paytm Money whole-time director Pravin Jadhav, the company is testing the app internally with his own employees who have been buying and selling Mutual Funds.

According to Paytm CEO, the Paytm mutual fund or Paytm Money will be launched on 3rd September 2018. We are the team PromoCodeClub always updated with new deals and news.

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What is Paytm Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund is an investment programme funded by shareholders that trade in diversified holdings and it is professionally managed. I think, there is 38 Mutual Fund companies are available in India. All are following the same method to invest MF, as people are going to near the MF agency to keep Mutual fund. But Paytm Money is different than others. Here no need to go anywhere and no need to fill up any form to get your benefits. Just follow some simple steps. Download the app and register. That’s set. Simply many benefits in one thing that’s called Paytm Money or Paytm Mutual Fund.


Paytm Mutual Funs Charges

This is the common question arises in all people mind is What Paytm mutual fund charging or taking fees from its customer? And the answer is clearly mentioned that, Paytm Mutual Fund taking Zero commission and there are no hidden distribution fees. Also upto 1.5% higher returns with direct plans of Mutual funds. The leading AMC’s in India will be announced soon.

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