Neuronwriter competitors

NeuronWriter Lifetime deal: Best AI Content tool of 2024

AI Content Writer and Planner with GSC integration.

Get the best deal on NeuronWriter, one of The Powerful SEO Tool for Content Optimization


NeuronWriter is for bloggers, writers and content creators, who always working on for ways to streamline content writing process and improve the quality of our articles. This tool is gaining a lot of popularity for doing that easy with a decent price and also comes with a lifetime deal those who find it really helpful and cant wait to own it fully without monthly charges anymore.

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Update: Voted top community product of they year 2023 at Appsumo (via voting).


Interface has been updated with latest GPT version and option to use own API.


You can assign dates to writer, integrate Google Web Master data, Content plan and a lot more at a very low one time cost.

Neuronwriter competitors

About NeuronWriter:

NeuronWriter is an assisting tool to get content ideas just by giving some keywords you want to rank and if will find you real-time data with its NLP and AI technology. You can choose the gpt version eg GPT 4 or gpt 3.5 etc. It can also generate paragraph heading, full paraphrase or lines based on input almost instantly.

The main benefit is after content creation you can also optimize keywords on content editor and get high quality output along with plagiarism checks.

Key Features of NeuronWriter SEO Tool:

1. Competitor Analysis

This tool allows you to perform a comprehensive competitor analysis. You can see full SERP results of the keyword, and the tool will suggest data and strategies to further optimize your content to keep you ahead of others on the SERP. You can pick strategy and improve content score accordingly until you score higher than the rest.

2. Content Structure Analysis

Get the Title, Description, Keywords data of competitors with this step. So you know where to improve the structure of your article with these information on content editor.

3. NLP based content optimization and data

One of the powerful function of NeuronWriter is its content optimization. As you write content to your blog, the tool uses NLP derived information and AI to recommend keywords to help and improve the overall readability and SEO score. You will see Realtime progress how its improving as you follow the instructions.

4. Outline Generator

Generate outlines for your article almost instantly. You just have to feed keywords and let the AI do the rest for you.


5. Powerful AI Writer

The Powerful AI writer/editor  pulls relevant keywords and, if you use the AI button, the tool will write a full paragraph of target words for that heading using those keywords. You don’t have to write everything manually for those paragraphs.

6. Plagiarism Checker

Whats more NeuronWriter also includes a plagiarism checker in its Gold plan, allowing you to ensure the originality of your content. Useful if you hire content writers and need a check before final publish. There is a high risk of duplicate content when you use AI based data so its better to double check with this.

7. Internal Link Suggestions

The tool also provides internal link suggestions from your existing articles on the website and which is relavant. This really can save a lot of time and improve  your link juice.

8. Google Chrome Extension

The newly launched chrome extension lets you write content right from the page you are be it WordPress writer page or Grammarly page.

9. Limits and stats right on dashboard

See the word limits consumed and leftover, renewal date of limit right on dashboard so you use accordingly. Well the limit on every plan is good enough for most professional bloggers and writers.


Lifetime deal by Appsumo:

Although the monthly price is too good with the benefits given, you can opt for lifetime deal and save a lot in future. You can check their community and understand  their plans and road maps which gives a lot of confidence to trust this for long term investment.

Find the lifetime deal here: Click Here

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Free trial and monthly pack:

We recommend to try it first if not sure about if its perfect for you. You can then continue with monthly plans if you need more time as the price is so good.

Monthly Plans: Start here

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