What is wf1008.in

People are interested to create their own website today. They want to promote their business online
and to get leads from that. So, website is the essential one for all kind of business. There are many
services online to provide free website development services to people. If you want build your own
website then you can hire WF1008. It is the service which gives chance to people or business to come online. It provides list of templates where you can choose from. Just by registering with them you can
start the process. The deposit of Rs. 1008 should be made for domain hosting. They have more than
150 templates. They can create your website within a day and will make it live at the end of
the day. You need to send logo, content, product or service info and other essential details to them by
means of email. The main of them is to make India digital.




Masterminds behind this


Mohit Jain

Mohit Jain, 19 years old from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. National record holder of creating maximum websites in shortest duration, Founder of MJ Solutions (India’s First Limca Book Of Record Holder Web Designing Company, started at the age of 15 & currently handling more than 250+ clients across India & abroad ), Created websites for Anna Hazare & Deepika Padukone.

The Record Tells Everything

Last year, I & my team of 7 members created 36 websites in less than 13 hours which is a national record, horned by Limca book of Records*, Assist World Record, Unique book of records, High range book of records, Miracles World Records & many moreā€¦


How to get Your Website @ 1008 Rs only : by Mohit Jain


Step 1. Get register your company website on 10th of August 2015, 10:00 am onwards at www.wf1008.in (Want us to remind the date, click here)

Step 2. Deposit Rs. 1008/- for Domain, Hosting (Designing is free of cost)

Step 3. Choose your website design from 150+ templates

Step 4. Mail us the logo, content for pages like about us, product info, service, contact etc… as per your selected template

Step 5. On 5th September at our attempt venue, we will design your website & will be live by the end of the day.