ABS plastic

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Everything you need to know about ABS Thermoplastics and Buying guides by Promocodeclub:

ABS is an opaque thermoplastic that is comprised of three monomers, namely: Acrylonitrile Butadiene and Styrene. It’s an amorphous polymer that typically goes through the emulsification process to become a single product.

When these three monomers are put together, they develop a polar attraction towards each other, ending up in a stable and highly durable finished product.

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ABS plastic



Due to its high impact resistance and durability, it’s been widely used in Plastic Sheeting for heavy-duty applications. The refrigeration and automotive industries have been using Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene Plastic Sheeting for various heavy-duty purposes while the printing and display markets are also utilizing these plastic sheets for outdoor marketing.

Typically, these sheets can be produced in a range of thickness from 200 microns to 5mm with a maximum width of 1600mm. 


Advantages of ABS Plastic Sheeting:

The most obvious advantages of ABS Plastic Sheeting are the reasonable cost of production, high durability, and visually attractive structure. These sheets can withstand the heat and can be cooled many times without wearing. 


This characteristic makes them highly suitable for recycling. Hence they protect the environment too. In addition to that, they are quite versatile in surface texture and color, so you can achieve a very high-quality finish using them for display purposes. 


Another most remarkable characteristic of these sheets is their lightweight and high utility. These sheets are low heat and electricity conductors that make them useful in the manufacturing of products requiring electrical insulation protection. 


Finally, they have excellent impact resistance and can easily absorb shock without running into any damage. 


Applications of ABS Plastic Sheet:

When you have to pick the best plastic for your business need, ABS plastic is the best pick. The reason being its high suitability for any type of application. Also known as an engineering plastic, this sheeting can easily replace other plastics for being considerably low in cost and high in durability. Here are some applications this:


Automotive Industry

Driving heavy vehicles is a thing of the past. Car manufacturers are actively looking for material that makes the car lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand jerks and road impacts. ABS Plastic is preferred by vehicle manufacturers because it decreases the weight of vehicles by 10%, making them fuel-efficient as well. It’s most commonly used on dashboards, wheel covers, and parts of the car body. This form of plastic is preferred by car manufacturers for it being an impact-resistant, strong, and low heat conductor.


Pipes and Fittings

Because these are easier to install, compared to other plastic sheets, they are the best choice for pipes and fittings. They are lightweight, don’t easily rot, mold or corrode, and can be easily recycled. One more quality of ABS Sheets that gives them an upper hand over PVC is its impact resistance and lowest likelihood of breakage in changing temperature situations. 


Other Uses

Other most common uses for these are 3D building materials, machine prototype construction, pips, vacuum construction, keyboard keys, power tool housing, wall socket face-guard, etc. 

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