Internet of Things technology challenges in 2016

Internet of Things Challenges in 2016

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Last year has been quintessential for Internet of Things (IoT).  Why? Nearly many large companies started correlating Internet of Things by equipping the frameworks with new strategies. Though it sounds cliche, IoT is becoming predominant in the contemporary world. With rapid advancement in the automation, here are five trenchant Internet of Things challenges that you see most of the companies confront while installing the framework irrespective of the penetration you have with IoT. Either you’re just touching the waves across the shore or flying with anti-gravity in space. Have a look at these and try to resolve this for a souped up schema.


During the implementation of connected devices throughout years, we’ve seen lots of security breaches obstructing the labyrinthine of the organization. For example, is the target breach from an HVAC organization in 2014. Similar is the case with most of the organizations growing along with IoT, that they are pretty much focused on sales than the security infrastructures. Due to this, hackers started taking advantage and overwrought the IoT framework connected with institutional WiFi network exploring the corporate underpinnings.  Therefore, safety and security are going to be the top challenge Internet of Things has to face in the year of 2016 especially in the world of high-profile hackers.

IoT Strategy:

Another challenge that is pretty much conjectured in adopting IoT is the strategies. As of now, the roles weren’t defined by the companies and the IoT. Therefore, the classification or these roles will start emerging in the course of upcoming years. From big organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM to small cellular companies like Verizon, AT&T, Orange, a lot will be invested to create space for their niches in Internet of Things. The above-mentioned strategies are how these companies will be able to get the customized needs of the users.

Startup Challenges:

The number of startups involved with IoT has been increasing day by day till they the count can be described with a metaphor, “Valley of depth”. Due to the hype in the market, the investment capital has become fair and easy. Alternative financing came into limelight helping people invest in their small businesses. However, to showcase themselves as regal, these startups will focus on building IoT frameworks. The two possibilities that might take place are either they will make way into the IoT space or they will get lost somewhere in between.



With 2G being spread globally, many product developers shifted to other platforms in search of new connected phenomena. As the labor involved is hard, intensive, cost exclusive and time taking, few conventional cell carriers started fighting over IoT standards. We’d figure these organizations will, in any case, be around through 2016, yet you’ll likely begin to see some of them adding energy resources while others tail off because of specialized weaknesses or different business challenges they can’t yet predict.


Turbulent Applications: 

Apps are what that keeps us hooked in the technological world. In 2016,  the challenge will take the form of a craving for a killer IoT app that we anticipate for a game-changing app or device despite the existing ones like FitBit, Smartwatch or whatsoever. A disruptive customer IoT application in response is what that keeps us sane increasing the efficiency.


In closing the article, 2016 is going to be a splendid year of surmising with the market expansion and puffery, IoT can be catastrophic and pernicious, equally. Despite the challenges that are mentioned, it will grow and turns out to be a potential for billions of people. If you’re not already a part of IoT, start off right now.

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