amazon prime free trial

Amazon Prime: FREE Delivery of All Products with 1 and 2 Day Delivery

As the Amazon Prime launched in India, you can now get all the Amazon Fulfilled products in one-day or maximum of two days with FREE delivery.

Now Amazon India is aggressively moving forward by introducing the all-new Prime service. The Amazon Prime service which has been long-awaited from many days has been finally launched by the India’s biggest e-commerce player. It will not only help the consumers by getting faster deliveries but also help Amazon to increase their sales volume.

About Amazon India Prime:

If you don’t know about this Prime service from Amazon, here we clear about it. With the help of this service, you will get all Amazon Fulfilled tagged products without paying any extra charges for shipping. There will be no shipping charges even the product’s price which you are buying is less than Rs 499. If a product price is Rs 20, then you will get at Rs 20 without any extra charges. And another great thing about this Prime service is that you will get all the products within a maximum period of two days. There are many products which you will get in One-Day also. So, now we think you are clear about Amazon India Prime service.

amazon prime free trial

About The Free Trial: This Prime service is premium. But, Amazon India is now offering a limited time free trial of Amazon Prime service. Yes, now you can get Amazon Prime free trial for 60 days. This free trial is once per user and after the trial, you have to pay Rs 499 for one-year activation. So, don’t miss this free trial.

As the Prime service is only applicable on Amazon-fulfilled products, you are assured of getting quality products. Now, you only need to follow the below steps to activate the 60-day free trial and start shopping. Hurry up.

Benefits of Amazon Prime:

  • No minimum purchase for getting FREE delivery.
  • Unlimited Assured One-Day and Two-Day delivery.
  • 30-minutes Early Access to Lightning Deals.
  • Exclusive deals for Prime Members only.
  • Prime Video for Premium movies and TV shows from Worldwide (Upcoming).

How to Activate Amazon Prime free trial:

  • Click on “Start your 60-day free trial” button.
  • Sign in to Amazon a/c.
  • Now you have successfully activated the free trial for 60 days.

So, start shopping from Amazon India store now. As a Prime Member, you can buy any Amazon fulfilled product of any price without any delivery charges. No minimum purchase now required for getting free shipping. Also, you can now enjoy free One-day and two-day delivery. You may check below to identify the item which is eligible for Prime service.

How to Identify an Amazon Prime item:

  • A product which has this logo  on its listing page is a Prime eligible item.
  • A Prime product is Amazon Fulfilled, applicable for free delivery, One-day and two-day delivery, etc.

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